Wednesday, September 7, 2011

we're not in kansas anymore.

i gave in and joined the rest of the students and put a basket on my bike. 
thanks to ashley and paige for installing it for me & lizzy for the tools :)

i must add that during the installation we were serenaded by a guy playing his guitar.
it was quite lovely. i think.

my bike ride today was amazing! i applied all the new things i learned last week and it made for a smooth ride. im hoping by december i will be able to make it up oak without dying. i loved that i walked into matthews (education building) this morning and my friend liz looked at me and said "you rode your bike today!" im usually out of breath and looking rough at this point.

meet midnight the salamander :)

annie 'petting' midnight.

midnight was a quick lil' salamander.

today in science we got to play with salamanders :) our group named our salamander 'midnight' she was a beauty! that was about the best thing that happened today. for the past two years i have heard every horror story of PDS 1. since then, i have told myself 'wait and see, make your own judgements about it when you get there'. well the stories are true. i don't think i have ever been this stressed in my life! the assignments aren't hard, it just seems like the structure and communication are missing in our classes. i need due dates and rubrics. thankfully this past summer a very sweet friend taught me how to find the positives in every situation. 

so the positives of this crazy, stressful, and chaotic semester are...

1. this is preparing me for a crazy, stressful, and chaotic first year of teaching.
2. i am able to see how i don't want to teach.
3. this will only make me a stronger student, educator, and person.
4. i am learning how to manage my time. 
5. i get a whole hour off for lunch

as crazy as this semester will be, i am so thankful to get to experience with some of my best friends!

enjoy ;)

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