Tuesday, September 27, 2011

goodbye ms. stanford

sadly today was my last day in 2nd grade for this semester. i will return to my young grasshoppers in january. i had a hard time explaining to them that i won't be back next week. they were a little confused. bless them.

on a more positive note i had a fantastic day. i am finally feeling teachery (i made that up) it only took 7 weeks. ha. you have those days where you know you made the right decision in your profession. and then you have the days where you're like, what did i get myself into. the good days definitely outweigh the bad :)

today was a good day. during math, my students blew me away with their smartness. we have been working on part-part-whole word problems. some students have struggled, but for the most part they all get it. my mentor teacher always makes time for students to share the strategies they use to solve problems. well this one student straight up amazed me. the first part, the students had to add 6 + 7,
easy breezy. but my mentor teacher still likes to check their strategies. 
well she called on this student and this is basically how he solved it. 
listening to the student explain the strategy was absolutely impressive. i mean 6 + 7 is simple, but you can not tell me y'all immediately thought to solve it like this?! It was very moving to see how these 7 and 8 year old's think.

that same student gave me the biggest hug after school and told me goodbye! *tear*

now if you asked me how yesterday went, well i couldn't tell you. seriously my brain is mush. but i do have a picture :)

as sad as i am about leaving 2nd grade, i am just as excited to be going to 5th grade! one thing i am nervous about is lunch. see 2nd grade has lunch at 11am and 5th grade is at 1pm. HOLY COW. i am just hoping and praying 5th grade has a mini snack time or something.

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