Wednesday, September 14, 2011

wednesdays are my favorite.

well the title speaks for itself! on wednesdays i have my two favorite classes, ELAR and Science!! today in ELAR we worked on two amazing assignments. 

the first assignment is a poem titled "I AM" 
we were given a template where we had to answer questions about ourselves. after we finished answering the questions, we have to make a poem out of it!

this is the template with my answers.

and here is my ROUGH DRAFT.
no judgements.


 I am beep beep,
As I speed to class.
I am a fat meaty cow,
Where the staff at McDonalds knows my order.
I am 22 going on 30 in a silver Hyundai accent.
A futuristic, living in 2014.
I am a loveseat
Waiting to be used.
I am a recorder playing in the cornfields in Germany.
I am the greenest grass in the middle of a drought,
With a giant oak tree to provide me with shade.
I am a future employee of NASA.
You’ll see me on the moon.
I am afraid of growing up, because that means I’m on my own.
I am someone like you.
Behind my eyes is a world full of possibilities.

I have actually enjoyed this assignment more than i thought i would!!

the second assignment is a Writing Life Map powerpoint. we have to present our positive and negative experience in writing from elementary to college. this assignment was a little difficult because i really cannot remember my writing experiences in elementary school (not sure if this is a good or bad thing). but here is a sneak peak. im sure y'all will enjoy this little story...

haha :)

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