Tuesday, September 13, 2011

mean green, horton, crazy socks, and flying solo.

fyi: this is going to be a looong post. 


saturday was our first home game in the brand spankin' new stadium. since i (mom and dad) totally paid for it, i decided to check it out :) first off, i was expecting the bathrooms to be super cool like the ones in the business building. negative. they were just plain toilets. parking was a nightmare. we had to walk from the old stadium to the new one. but i did get a weeks worth of exercise in that day! all in all it was a pretty neat experience!


hooray! its college week at school!! everyday the students and teachers wear something different. monday was hat day. first thought: BUST OUT HORTON! well i did not get the memo that it was 'college/ball cap hat day' so try to picture me walking into the cafeteria with this huge elephant on my head while everyone is starring. i was just waiting for the pigs blood to fall on me. thankfully i had lots of people tell me they loved it and asked me where i got it. during our morning assembly the principal even mentioned my hat :) so i guess it wasn't THAT bad! 

i also got the amazing opportunity to eat cafeteria food (really i left my lunch at home). it was, well, cafeteria food. growing up i always thought the teachers got a special lunch from the cafeteria. nope. it's the same frozen steak fingers. 
 lesson learned: set your lunch out before you leave. (thanks dad!) 


today was crazy sock day! my favorite by far, mostly because i couldn't mess this one up and i got to wear my sparkly toms!

so i bet you're wondering about this 'flying solo' thing... well this morning i was greeted with "im leaving early for a doctors appointment and you're going to watch the class"
i can't even describe the emotions i was experiencing this morning. i was mostly scared, but a part of me was very excited. i felt like i was ready, the kids really know me by now and respect me. one student finally learned my name just last week!
well 12:30 came and the kids were all mine :) i had a blast flying solo, the kids behaved well. we had share time, where the kids read their stories. and then we read lots of books! it was a fantastic day :)
although i will say, car pick up scares me.

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