Tuesday, January 31, 2012

ms. stanford, you're turning red.

i hear this at least once a day... but don't worry, my second graders tell me it's because i have red hair. duh.

i will take this time and space to apologize for my lack of blogging. life got in the way. 

since my last post lots of things have happened. 
i finished PDS 1 & made the deans list :) 
i was star student!
i booked my flight to germany :)
i have completed half of my first rotation of PDS 2.
i had my first observation.
and many more things that i cannot remember at this time.

since returning to second grade i have encountered numerous situations that college did not prepare me for...

for example:
well, the desk fairy stopped by our classroom and discovered this... poor student, he was soo busy learning that he forgot about his GRAPES. yes those are grapes, well molded grapes. 
yeah i don't remember reflecting about that in college.

the same student gave me my first gift as a teacher. 
 funny story: this student bought this ornament at the christmas market in germany!!! 
i just thought that was soo cool :)

now let me tell you about the COOLEST thing that has happened to me!
i was STAR STUDENT for an entire week!
my mentor teacher forgot to schedule a student so i got to fill in :)
my duties included: decorate an all about me poster, bring a stuffed animal (mine was to shy to leave the house!), eat lunch with a family member, have your parents write a letter about you (mine got lost in the mail...), and bring your favorite book to read to the class!

so totally couldn't find my 'bear' so i had to tell my students that he just couldn't find the courage to leave the house. i went on to tell them that 1) he was retired and 2) last time he got out, he nearly lost his arm. they completely understood! ohh and about the letter, well SOMEONE (mom) forgot to write it...so it's 'lost' somewhere... ha! 

 my beautiful poster :) now about the cow.. it asks for your favorite pet, well i've never had a 'pet' so i upgraded the question to 'favorite dream pet' which would totally be a cow! this baby took me HOURS to finish...

here is my book! it is basically a scrapbook of the moon landing and space exploration! it's pretty legit.
the jar is something i implemented in my class :) we now do morning journal writing to get out brains thinking! the jar is full of all kinds of prompts! the best thing about this is that i write with the kids, hence my journal! the kids love hearing my response to the prompts!

bragging time. sorry.

soo in second grade, reading, writing, and math are super important and take up most of the day.. last semester we hardly did any science! well, things have changed.. ms. stanford is now in charge and by golly we do science everyday... i love it. last week we studied the basic needs of plants. frisco isd had a 5E lesson that was very very neat, so i decided to use it! one day even called for an activity outside of the classroom! my kids loved this! i would try and explain it to you but its almost my bedtime.. ha! 

also like i mentioned before, i had my first observation! i was super nervous before and all my kids knew it. thankfully they were precious angels! my supervisor had nothing but great things to say about me. as a brand new baby teacher, i am experiencing how to and how to not do things, what is effective and whats not effective. so to hear words of praise is just fantastic. it makes up for all those yucky days. 

on a more sad note (and main reason why am i blogging), today my father packed up and moved to marble falls. he was offered an amazing job with the school district and accepted it! i already miss him!!! 
but a few things i won't miss:
the smell of HIS breakfast on saturday mornings!
my clothes being taken out of the dryer!
his oatmeal obsession.
i think that's it..

i will miss:
him turning on my straightener in the morning :)
him making sure im not late to school!
his approval of my teacher outfits!
our saturday adventures :)
our netflix nights, even when he picks the weird movies.
our random walmart trips.
teacher advice.
cleaning the eggs off of his pickup.
seeing his 'now shiny' red pickup parked in the driveway.
and sooo many more!
 needless to say, i cannot wait until february 11th. 

time for some nasa stuff :)
this past weekend a model of the Orion Spacecraft made a stop in dallas and guess who went? ME!
it was beyond amazing! here are some pictures!
 my super cool pin!
 nasa representative.
 the model!
 my signature! my second graders thought this was the coolest thing ever! i couldn't tell if it was because they know my first name now or the fact that my name is on a piece of history...
 there was a mavs game that night so we had to fight off the fans for parking!
 go nasa.
 sooo, since i wore my nasa shirt, a staff member took my picture and posted it on their facebook!
the official photo!

my second graders were just in awe of me :) loove it!

 well i am signing off! my evening routine is kicking in.. check back to hear more about that!!

love you dad!