Wednesday, September 21, 2011

it's okay! i know where the fire blanket is!

no, PDS 1 didn't kill me. i'm still alive.

this past week has been the craziest week of my life (i say this every week)
but seriously it has. 
I knew this experience was going to be hard but i honestly did not expect it to be this exhausting. 
yesterday i slept from 5:30-8:30 and then went back to sleep at 11. a total of 10 hours of sleep...
now thats just crazy. 

since my last post a few things have occurred in my crazy busy life.
  1. i had my first doctors appointment (made it 5 weeks without getting sick!)
  2. i witnessed a 6 year old sing every word to Can You Feel The Love :)
  3. i attended my 2nd and hopefully last T.A.I.R. conference.
  4. i only completed 2 assignments. (i need to work on this)
  5. i got to sit in on a staffing (pre meeting for an ARD)
  6. i ate cafeteria food, again. it's still nasty.

since i was super busy this week, i failed to take pictures of myself (darn) so here are a few pics i managed to find on my phone. most of the pics are from class.

i have found that doodling wakes me up in the mornings :)

we always abuse the manipulatives in math. 

today in science, dave taught us about electric circuits.

from the picture you can tell we were making a closed circuit. the battery and wires were connected to an LED light. well, our battery was too strong and our light basically blew up. we tried our second light and this time we had ourselves a little firework show! (hint the title) needless to say it was a fun day in science!!

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