Monday, February 13, 2012


i am currently updating my blog while sitting in class... bad student or multitasking genius? you decide. 

i have no clue what this lady is talking about...

i'll just pick up from last week :)
mix/match day. i did much better this semester.

wednesday was pj. thursday was team shirt. friday was red, white, and blue.
sorry, no pictures.

"i don't have a pencil"
i heard that about a million times last week. i just knew my young grasshoppers had pencils somewhere... soo i made them take everything out of their desks. i discovered that the students are keeping their dull/broken pencil in their desks, instead of dropping it off and picking up a new one... love them.

grading has taken over my social life... thank goodness for chocolate.

this weekend mom and i drove to marble falls to visit dad! this picture was taken right before we took a 20 minute "shortcut" oops. the weekend flew by and was not long enough :( dad took us around marble falls and the surrounding cities. we even drove to austin for some good mexican food. i love that austin is only 45 minutes away :)

this week is my last week in second grade. i am going to miss my young grasshoppers. i reminded them today that this was my last week and they were all shocked.. not sure why. i have been telling them for the past 3 weeks :)

today was my mentor teachers free day, meaning i was the sub/teacher for the day. it really wasn't any different from the past 2 weeks. i have been teaching everything for awhile now.. my mentor teacher doesn't even come in the room anymore. i only see her 3 times a day: morning-lunch-after school.

science science science science.. i can't get enough of science! my students absolutely love science time in class! they look forward to it every day :) it just melts my heart! we have been studying meal worms since the beginning of january. we studied their life cycle, which starts with eggs, then goes to a larva (meal worm), after that a pupa, and finally a BEETLE! yes, a beetle!

the bottom right picture is of all the worms, pupas, and our one beetle. the bottom left picture is our one and only beetle. and the top picture is a pupa that is ready to bust out and turn into a beetle. the kids looove looking at the meal worms/pupas/beetle under the document camera! 

this week we are learning about the parts of plants! we are doing the famous celery and carnation experiment! today was our first day.
here are the students (with blurred faces ha!) recreating a tree and its parts!

before i placed the celery and carnation in the colored water, the students made their predictions. they felt like real scientist during this step! it was sooo much fun :)

now to end this post on an amazing note:


one down, one to go!

Monday, February 6, 2012

carly patterson? who is that?

before 10 am today, my second graders did not know who carly patterson was.
i mentioned the 2004 olympics and they all shouted "thats when i was born!!!"
i have never felt old before, until today.

moving on...

today was my first day to teach EVERYTHING! it was amazing! last week i was doing everything except guided reading and math groups.

this week is friendship week :) everyday is a different theme. today was 70's day!
flower power :)
 tomorrow is mix match day!

sooo this weekend was our first weekend without dad. party! not. mom and i packed, packed, and packed! since i will be leaving for germany before the move, i have to have everything ready. so i figured, why not start now?
yeah, it sounded like a good idea.

it only took me an entire day. no big deal. i'll never get that saturday back! 
all i have left to pack are my clothes and shoes!

moving on to germany...
i honestly cannot believe i am going to be spending 7.5 weeks in germany with my seester, mason, and emma! i am beyond thrilled :) i thought once the ticket was purchased reality would hit, but it hasn't yet.

this is a very scattered and random post. frankly, i cannot get over the carly patterson ordeal. goodness. 

are you ready for this? 
hold onto your seat, go to the bathroom before reading, and put down that drink!

I COOKED THAT. yes, i really did. 
amazing, i know!

i only needed a little help...
 hahaha :) im slowly becoming independent. slowly. 
speaking of independent.. this morning there was ice on my windshield. normally when there is ice on my windshield, my dad tells me so i have plenty of time to defrost! well, he is not here. thankfully i had a random thought to heat my car up this morning!
baby steps.

now, let me tell you all about my routine.
every sunday i make my lunches for the week. every week it's chicken and rice with bell peppers and ranch as a snack. surprisingly i haven't gotten sick of it.

the final product :) i might have a little touch of ocd... i am becoming type a like my dad and sister. my mother brings balance to all us, because she in not type a.

so long, farewell.