Sunday, September 25, 2011

if i don't survive, my parrot goes to Lucy.

this post is dedicated to all PDS 1 students.
we will survive.

so everyday at lunch we vent about our classes. lately it seems like we might not survive. so one day, Liz started listing who gets what in her family. obviously Lucy is getting her parrot.

to cheer us up during lunch we take funny pictures. it keeps our spirits high. 

well the assignments are getting crazier and crazier, it seems like the professors are just giving us busy work. ironically they teach us NOT to do this in the classroom. hmm.

one assignment in social studies, we had to bring 3 items that describe who we are. 

here are my 3 items :)

my autographed book from Jim Lovell. if you're reading this and you do not know who Jim Lovell is, well we just can't be friends anymore. Jim Lovell is my hero. he was the commander of Apollo 13 (Tom Hanks played him in the movie). a few years ago i flew down to florida to meet him!

my family :) i love them.
im not adopted, in case you're wondering. 

last but certainly not least. my patrick doll. i am OBSESSED with greys anatomy and patrick dempsey. no i do not collect dolls.

since we were all stressed on thursday, a few of us decided to catch a movie and dinner friday night.
these are just a few of the amazing girls i am surrounded by on wednesdays and thursdays! i am so blessed to have them as friends.

that night we saw contagion. a little advice to future viewers: do not cough during the movie, unless you want the entire audience staring at you. epic fail.

the next morning i woke up bright and early for a mud run! this race consisted of 18 challenging obstacles. and when i say challenging, i mean challenging!! you should see the bruises on my legs! here a few pics from the race. thanks to Jennifer!!

the only time we were smiling.

i can just hear my dad yelling "drop your arms chelsea!!"
love you dad!

it is going to take me forever to clean these.

totally rocked the napoleon dynamite shirt :)


  1. This blog cracked me up. Love it, love you!

  2. just in case you didn't survive...what would I get? Just wondering. hahahaha. I am mailing the box tomorrow, I swear!

  3. love you liz!!

    Lyndsay, you would get both OTH & GA, all my tempos, and my awesome running shoes. Emma would get my NASA stuff, because she is going to be an astronaut. Mason would get my elephant hat and.. well i think that would entertain him for awhile :)
    yes i am needing my 'credit cards' :) love and miss you!! ps you need to update your blog!