Tuesday, August 30, 2011

we are all scientists.

this pictures describes my day perfectly :) 
(minus my awkward facial expression)
i just noticed how bad my sock tan is. yikes! 

today was beyond amazing for a number of reasons.. let me list them for you.

1. i got to do more grading.
2. i taught a mini science lesson. (AMAZING)
3. i ate my lunch slowly. 
4. i picked my students up from specials (even though it was less than a foot away from the classroom, it was still super cool)
5. my mentor teacher complimented me on something i said during my science mini lesson.
6.  i got observed today and didn't even know it! 
7. my mentor teacher let me take home a book. (see picture below) 

first off the science mini lesson was indescribable. my teacher told me this morning that i could do the science mini lesson if i wanted to. who would say no to that?! basically i introduced the students to the science equipment and we discussed why we use each specific item and all that jazz! the questions they asked blew me away! they were so curious about each piece of equipment! After the mini lesson the students got to draw a scientist in their journals and then they glued down pictures of the equipment we went over. the students were so excited to show me their scientists!!

the compliment my mentor teacher gave me was that she like how i told the students they were all scientists. when i said that most of the students said "im not a scientist!" i then educated the young grasshoppers on how a lot of their daily decisions involve the scientific method! after i explained that to them, most of them turned to their neighbor and said "im a scientist!" it was the BEST feeling ever!

all in all today was probably one of the best days of my life. it made me forget about all those nights i spent on TK20, the past 3 years of readings/tests/papers, my fridays in the CDL, and the numerous emails from timmy. :)

so i must brag about my awesome outfit. i am the biggest bargain shopper ever!
shoes: $16 - Steve Madden - TJ Maxx
Skirt: $28 - Nordstrom
Shirt: $5 - Old Navy
Cardigan: $16 - Nordstrom

$65 for that darling, adorable, my favorite, cute as a button outfit :)

yes i am taking a trip down memory lane tonight :) 
this was my all time favorite book in elementary school. 

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  1. You're amazing! Keep up the good work!!!
    P.S. Love that book to pieces...