Thursday, August 25, 2011

first day of my senior year!

well today was my first day of my senior year! only 261 days till graduation! today i had social studies and math, not my favorite but i did survive. both my professors seemed really concerned with the fact that we're taking 12 hours and student teaching. they told us the course load has been 'lightened' :) some of the assignments seem fairly easy, mainly just observations.

on a more positive note, it felt good to be back in denton and on campus!

prepare yourself:

this is my lovely math group :) i'm about 67% sure we will be separated before the semester is over. what can i say, we like to have fun! and i really can do math... 

  super nice calculators that UNT is letting us use for FREE... we really did pay for them.

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  1. What?! We didn't get to use awesome calculators... lame.

    PS: Thank goodness for our load being lightened!