Monday, August 29, 2011

it's a beautiful day.

back story on the title: instead of bells, the school plays songs and Beautiful Day by Coldplay is what we hear when it's time to go home! it's now my favorite song... ha!

today was named messed up monday! it wasn't bad or horrible, just a monday! monday's are our days to do library and iStation (reading), so basically the kids are not in the classroom as much as they are on the other days.

i totally had a teacher moment today.. last week the students had a little trouble adjusting to the cafeteria rules and routines. so the teachers and i walked around the cafeteria for half of lunch.. then we ate, really fast. today we only had to walk around for about 5 minutes! It was so neat to see such a big change in their behavior! also lots of thanks to the moms who volunteer so we can eat!!

the highlight of my day was when i got to grade the students spelling test! it was AMAZING even though it was just a spelling test :) it's the little things that make me happy!

rocking the black & white :) (monday's are B&W day at school!)

package from the fabulous aunt nancy! what could it be...

 the MOST precious and DELICIOUS cookies ever!
thank you aunt nancy!

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