Thursday, May 17, 2012

out & about.

in between sleeping and eating, lyndsay has been my personal tour guide. 

yesterday (wednesday) we went to ikea and drooled over the glorious floor sets. i seriously love that place. here are a few pics :)

ohh the feeling you get when you recognize something in a foreign country.
 an ikea trip is not complete without some meatballs.. seriously, if you have not tried them, you need to! please excuse the 'ghost' look on my face. i am still trying to get used to the time difference. right now i am down to 2 naps..
amazing. and yes, i totally kept the flag.

oh and we got to take the autobahn to ikea.. it was crazy!
this picture does not truly describe the amazingness of the autobahn.

today (thursday) we went to a festival in ansbach. i don't know what type of festival it was, but do you really need a reason to eat fried food and drink beer? negative. 

 if you want people to stare at you in germany, just push this around. 

 bratwurst sandwich. 
cinnamon & sugar crepe
 chocolate covered grapes.

after the festival we ventured on over to a castle like it was no big deal. crazy. 

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