Friday, May 11, 2012

is this real life?

before i even begin i need to apologize for my lack of blogging... life has been CRAZY. here is a picture that somewhat describes what my life has been like... 

i honestly have no clue where to begin, because i cannot even remember where i stopped. lets just start with finishing student teaching. 

april 13, 2012 was my last day as a student teacher at curtsinger elementary school. it was incredibly sad and happy all at the same time. sad because i have developed so many friendships there, but happy because i survived. both my fifth and second grade classes threw me the biggest surprise going away party. it was unbelievable. i received so many cards, supplies, BOOKS, and gift cards to get my very own classroom started. words cannot express how blessed i am. 

i am still in shock. thank you so much mrs. blessing and mrs. wright :)

now onto the question(s) im sure everyone wants answered. 

where are you?
what are you going to do with your life?
when do you graduate? 
when do you leave for germany?

1. where are you?
well, currently i am living in denton, tx with a wonderful friend who has been so gracious to open up her house to me. it has for sure been an adventure, but an incredible one that i will never forget.

2. what are you going to do with your life?
this is a tricky question. i know i have been telling people that i am moving to marble falls after i get back from germany, and that i would find a job in the district. well, that has changed. i have recently decided to explore my options in north texas. this doesn't mean that i won't move down there, but there is a good chance i will be staying in the dfw area a lot longer than i anticipated. this decision did not come lightly. it was very hard and easy at the same time. if you know me, you're probably like 'how will she survive?' and i catch myself asking the same question. it hasn't been easy, but it's been worth it. i am experiencing so many life lessons like cooking a 2 step dinner, airing up my tire, managing my money, and so many more lessons that i can't remember. i couldn't have done it without the lovely lizzy kloiber who has been my 'temporary mother' for the past 3 weeks. thank you.

i know in my heart and mind, that this is where i am supposed to be. 

3. when do you graduate?
less than 24 hours! holy smokes. can you believe it? 

4. when do you leave for germany?
in 72 ish hours!!!!!!!!!!!! it still does not seem real to me. probably because i have avoided packing... i am so excited and ready to explore europe this summer. i know i will always remember this trip. thank you so much mom and dad :) i will send you a postcard!

currently, all i can think about it packing, shopping, and graduation. so i am going to end this post with a few pictures from the past you know, 3 months that i forgot to document.

 annie and me celebrating dr. seuss' birthday :)

making STAAR review fun :) the kids absolutely loved it.

 my gorgeous cousin and her husband joel. i still cannot believe she is married. seems like yesterday we were playing with our bitty baby dolls.

 this morning i had my very first interview for a teaching position. it was scary, amazing, overwhelming, and incredible. don't i look cute? lizzy and i picked out this outfit in 15min. pretty sure thats a record.

 i wanted to end with this picture. 5 years ago i started my college career in denison, tx. tell you the truth, my intentions were not to graduate, but to have fun. that quickly changed. i have known for the past 2 years that may 12, 2012 would be the day i graduate college. even though its less than 24 hours away, it still does not seem real. i can still remember sitting through my college algebra classes (yes, more than 1), wondering if i would ever pass... its amazing how far i have come. 

these past 5 years have been unreal, and i wouldn't change them for a minute. thanks to everyone who has helped me get to this point in my life. i couldn't have done it without you :)

hopefully my next post will be from GERMANY!!

ps: this was a record writing post-please ignore any and all errors. good day :)

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