Wednesday, May 23, 2012

it's Jesus! we're almost there...

those were the exact words out of lyndsay halls mouth, when we got close to the church we had been looking for :) never a dull moment.

the past couple of days have been filled with all kinds of adventures, ranging from blowing up a pool with a blow dryer, to almost getting hit by a tractor. 

a few of the towns i have visited since my last post are wurzberg, bad windsheim, rothenburg, and a few other places that i can't spell or pronounce :) 

get ready for a picture overload.

long story short.. lyn didn't have a working pump to blow up the club med pool. so, we got some friendly advice from a stranger who told us to use a funnel and blow dryer! it totally worked, just make sure you have it on the cold setting. common sense, i know. 

 lyndsay likes taking jumping pictures.. my body doesn't.

 german sandwiches..
 and another..

im pretty sure these were taken in wurzburg.. i think.

a few nights ago i ventured over to rothenburg, where i went on a tour of the village! it was pretty amazing and beautiful :)

this morning lyndsay and i went to ELOPS which is like a goodwill, but better.. it's all german antique goods and things. lyndsay warned me that when the doors open, the crazies would start running.. she was right. it was like black friday, german style. 

 totally distracted by the massive amount of ants crawling by my head.

 after ELOPS we found this beautiful church, and decided to stop and take pictures.


 while we were out, we decided to stop at another base in schweinfurt. i just happened to be starving when we got there.. funny how that happened...

the following pictures are completely random and have nothing to do with anything.. 

 this is basically what i eat everyday...
 mason decided to put my shoes on, so i decided to put his buzz light year costume on.
OMG! so germans are obsessed with their yards, so much that they invest in robot lawn mowers. legit. 

that's it for now. this weekend is our first trip! we are going to amsterdam via bus! we will be buying wooden shoes, touring anne franks house, and the red light district (yikes).

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