Sunday, June 17, 2012

God Save the Queen!

ello governor. i can't tell you how many times we said that this weekend. 

london was everything i thought it was going to be. beautiful, fast, historic, cold, and expensive. 

this trip was different from all the other trips we have done. since london is far, our bus left after dinner and drove all night and floated as well. we left germany at 7:30pm (friday) and arrived in France around 7am (saturday) where we boarded the ferry. the ride was about an hour and a half, but felt much longer. lets just say it was not a smooth ride :) after we made it to the UK we had another 2 hours on the bus. our trip into the city was longer than expected because of the queens birthday! we were finally free to explore around 11am, and boy did we explore. we didn't have to be back on the bus until 10:30pm so we had all day to take in london.

 our first stop was the london eye. everyone talks about how expensive it is so i wasn't sure if i really wanted to buy a ticket. i am here to tell you it is worth every pound (literally!). it was a 30 minute ride around and you seriously could see all of london!

 we got to experience the london eye in 4D!

 the queens birthday festivities were happening while we were on the eye! if you look closely you can see the crowd!

me, gari-ann, and lyndsay on the eye!

 holding my golden ticket aka my tube ticket!
 lyndsay on the tube!
 so excited to be riding the tube!!

 the tube was quite an experience! it took us everywhere we needed to go. thanks to lyndsay and gari-ann for being great navigators!

you can't go to london and NOT cross abbey road, and spend an hour trying to get the PERFECT picture.

 explanation: i was just so excited and my adrenaline was pumping double time that i couldn't control my body. resulting in me looking like a crazy tourist. 
hey, i crossed abbey road.
 and lyndsay crossing gracefully. im not bitter at all. she obviously practiced in front of the mirror.
 gari-ann crossing!!

 believe it or not, this thing smelled sooo bad.

 fish & chips!
 delicious. i really wanted to steal the ketchup/tomato dispenser.
funny story: when we arrived at Buckingham Palace the guards were just standing by their little houses (im sure they have a name). a few minutes later one of the guards started marching and again the adrenaline started pumping and i yelled "HE IS MOVING!" it was pretty embarrassing, but lyndsay was laughing. 

 i totally belong in london.


and now it is time for the best part of london. 

platform 9 3/4. harry potter!!!!

we ended our amazing day by visiting Kings Cross, where scenes from harry potter and the sorcerer's stone were filmed.

the eye at night :)

after we got on the bus, we tried to stay awake because we knew we would have to get off to board the ferry. that didn't work out too well. i totally passed out. our ferry ride was delayed so we were sitting on our bus for what seemed like ages. once we boarded we immediately found three chairs and parked it. the water was extremely choppy. i took my tylenol pm earlier than i had planned. the only way to avoid being sick was to fall asleep. when it was time to leave i somehow managed to get up from my chair and walk to our bus (i don't really remember doing this). we finally drove off the dang ferry and headed home. we didn't reach our stop until 3pm today (sunday)

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