Thursday, June 21, 2012


yesterday Gari-Ann and i road tripped to Dachau and visited the Dachau Concentration Camp, which is now a memorial site. i was very unsure of what to expect, and how i was going to react. overall it was an unbelievable experience that i will never forget. 

 the statue was created by a former prisoner. it represents hopelessness. at times it was so bad that prisoners would jump into the electrical fence.
 tangled prisoners on the electrical fence.

 ashes of the unknown prisoner.
  ashes of the unknown prisoner.

arbeit macht frei 'work brings freedom'
 arbeit macht frei 'work brings freedom'
 a layout of Dachau.

 the cement rectangles represent the 30 bunkers. they were originally made to hold 200 prisoners, but towards liberation, they were holding 2,000.

 the gas chamber. they were never used at Dachau, but they were built with shower heads in the ceiling to deceive the prisoners...

here is the link to the Dachau information site: click me!

this was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity and i am beyond grateful for getting to experience it! thank you soo much Gari-Ann!!!

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