Monday, February 6, 2012

carly patterson? who is that?

before 10 am today, my second graders did not know who carly patterson was.
i mentioned the 2004 olympics and they all shouted "thats when i was born!!!"
i have never felt old before, until today.

moving on...

today was my first day to teach EVERYTHING! it was amazing! last week i was doing everything except guided reading and math groups.

this week is friendship week :) everyday is a different theme. today was 70's day!
flower power :)
 tomorrow is mix match day!

sooo this weekend was our first weekend without dad. party! not. mom and i packed, packed, and packed! since i will be leaving for germany before the move, i have to have everything ready. so i figured, why not start now?
yeah, it sounded like a good idea.

it only took me an entire day. no big deal. i'll never get that saturday back! 
all i have left to pack are my clothes and shoes!

moving on to germany...
i honestly cannot believe i am going to be spending 7.5 weeks in germany with my seester, mason, and emma! i am beyond thrilled :) i thought once the ticket was purchased reality would hit, but it hasn't yet.

this is a very scattered and random post. frankly, i cannot get over the carly patterson ordeal. goodness. 

are you ready for this? 
hold onto your seat, go to the bathroom before reading, and put down that drink!

I COOKED THAT. yes, i really did. 
amazing, i know!

i only needed a little help...
 hahaha :) im slowly becoming independent. slowly. 
speaking of independent.. this morning there was ice on my windshield. normally when there is ice on my windshield, my dad tells me so i have plenty of time to defrost! well, he is not here. thankfully i had a random thought to heat my car up this morning!
baby steps.

now, let me tell you all about my routine.
every sunday i make my lunches for the week. every week it's chicken and rice with bell peppers and ranch as a snack. surprisingly i haven't gotten sick of it.

the final product :) i might have a little touch of ocd... i am becoming type a like my dad and sister. my mother brings balance to all us, because she in not type a.

so long, farewell.

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